Hiroshima Peace Science
Volume 12
Date of Issue:1989
current number
PRINT ISSN : 0386-3565
ONLINE ISSN : 2434-9135
Publisher : The Center for Peace, Hiroshima University
The role of the city of Hiroshima in Gorbachev's diplomacy: From the instrument of peace offensive to the symbol of disarmament and human welfare
Iwata, Kenji;
PP. 25 - 33
Violence in historical consciousness
Mori, Yuji;
PP. 35 - 52
An essay on the relationship between linguistic differences and inequalities
Matsuo, Masatsugu;
PP. 53 - 78
A study on changes in Japanese views of China : As seen through letters to the newspaper editors and questionnaires circulated since the 'Tiananmen Incident'
Kobayashi, Fumio; Hashimoto, Manabu; Shibata, Iwao;
PP. 79 - 103
Informal sector in the process of peripheral industrialization
Satoh, Motohiko;
PP. 105 - 132
United Nations and Apartheid : Analysing the voting behavior in the general assembly
Satow, Yukio; Fujimoto, Yoshihiko;
PP. 133 - 176
A nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East : Problems and prospects <BOOK REVIEW>
Jo, Tadaakira;
PP. 177 - 188