Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 1
1977 発行

世界の環境問題 : ブルッキングス研究所による報告書の概要紹介とコメント

Environmental problems of the world
Sakashita, Noboru
The content of a report by the Brookings Institution of the USA on the international environmental problems, ""Financing Environmental and other International Programs"" (1976), are here summarized and commented on. The main topics examined in the present paper are: (1) Prehistory of international arrangements on the environmental problem before the Stockholm conference 1972, (2) The Stockholm conference, (3) The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), (4) International environmental problems in relation to the developing countries, (5) Financial sources of the environmental programs, (6) Theoretical foundation of the international effluent tax, (7) Nature of the world environmental problems and possible organization for their management -Conclusion-. The author asserts that the purely international part of the world environmental problems should be handled by a specific, independent international organization (or organizations) including the financial arrangement dependent upon the polluter-pays-principle, and that the feasibility of such an organization depends on the degree of consensus among all involved countries concerning the desirability of solving the specific environmental problem (e. g. pollution of the ocean beyond the territory of each country).