Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 8
2005-03-31 発行

TOEIC BridgeテストとTOEICテストを用いた英語力測定 : 到達目標型教育における確かな英語力測定を目指して

The TOEIC Bridge Test and TOEIC Test as Measurement Tools : Toward an Effective Measurement in Criterion-Referenced Evaluation
This paper investigates two ways in which the English proficiency of students at Hiroshima University is measured: the TOEIC Bridge Test and the TOEIC Test. By administering two different forms of the TOEIC Bridge Test to participants, its test-retest reliability is confirmed. Correlation analyses between scores on the listening and reading sections show that the two sections reasonably measure different components of English proficiency. TOEIC Bridge Test scores were compared with TOEIC Test scores, using correlation analyses and regression analyses. As a result, it is shown that the two kinds of test scores correlate almost linearly, and that the estimation formulas can be used with caution to convert the two kinds of scores.