Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 6
2003-03-31 発行

中国語聴取法教材資料集 : 《她俩和他俩》(2)

Chinese Language Listening Materials (2)
This paper shows the use of Japanese translations printed side by side with the original Chinese scripts in audio-visual listening materials, called 《她俩和他俩》 (Two Boys and Two Girls). This is part of a series of listening materials for Chinese language teaching and learning. In these materials, pronunciations are standard, pitch and speed of utterances are moderate and natural, daily words and expressions are used, and the recordings are easy to listen to. As for the topics, students are generally pleased with them because they relate to university students' experiences, such as love stories, jobs, and daily lives. Since the space for captions is limited, translated Japanese captions in original video are often shortened or omitted. This paper shows how supplemental literal translations are presented in parallel format in order for learners to better understand Chinese lexical and grammatical items.