Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 5
2002-03-31 発行


Counseling for English Learning at Hiroshima University
This report shows the series of attempt of "Counseling for English Learning (CEL)," which was planned by Information Media Center. CEL started for the students at Hiroshima University in October 23, 2001. Since learners of English have various characteristics, it is very difficult to support each learner's problem or trouble only in classroom. CEL was planned to support and facilitate students' learning, flexibly considering individual learner differences such as language proficiency or learning motivation. It was decided that CEL would be conducted in West Library, which is convenient for students because they are used to the place around there and for counselors because a lot of English learning resource are equipped there. The counselors should have knowledge of English teaching and learning as well as competence of English language itself, so that a student at graduate school of education and the author, who both major Teaching English as a Foreign Language, especially English learning strategy use by Japanese EEL learners, participated in CEL as counselors. Another, a similar attempt, named "Gakusyu Shien Shitsu," started to support learning mathematics, physics, and chemistry by other committee in December 3, 2001. Then, it has been planed to integrate it and CEL to enrich general education in Hiroshima University.