Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 5
2002-03-31 発行

広島大学バーチャルユニバーシティ : オンラインドイツ語講座の構築

Hiroshima University's Virtual University: On-line German Course
The author of the report and colleague Mitsunobu Yoshida are engaged in developing innovative Internet and LAN materials which can be used to supplement regular German language courses in the framework of the school's Virtual University Project. These materials consist of mainly the following five components: 1. a video German course based on video-on-demand, 2. on-line materials for conversation exercises, 3. an on-line textbook as a tutorial, 4. a variety of supplementary on-line drills, exercises, and tests, 5. an on-line phonetics course. This report especially concerns the first component, and describes characteristics and advantages of the video German course, entitled "Freut mich". This includes a textbook and CD, published and distributed by Ikubundo in 2001 (ISBN 4-261-01181-6). It contains 20 video sequences of about 90 seconds each. These lessons have already been put into Real Audio format on the Web. They include German and Japanese subtitles. In the near future, all of the above mentioned materials will be made public on Hiroshima University's Virtual University On-line Foreign Language Course Web site, entitled "Hiroshima Gaikokugo Okonomi Hiroba". These materials will be constantly improved upon. By providing such supplementary learning opportunities, educators can compensate for the shortage of learning time within regular German language classes.