Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 4
2001-03-31 発行

Popular English Software at Hiroshima University

This study surveyed the opinions of 39 Hiroshima University students with respect to 32 pieces of English education software. It was found that software based on TV programs were among the most popular, and that nonfiction content-based software were among the least popular. TOEIOrelated software was quite popular. Bilingual software scored significantly better than English-only software (p<.05). The most popular conversation/listening software were found to be: Listen! (Heinemann), The Rosetta Stone (Fairfield Language Technologies), and Quick English (INS / アイ・エヌ・エス). Students' favorite test preparation materials were all produced by ALC (アルク) : TOEIC実践模擬テスト, CD-ROM版TOEICテスト ス-パ-模試600問, and TOEIC(R) テストパ-フェクト730点. The most popular business software was Dynamic Business English (DynEd). The favorite story-telling software were all originally produced by Softrade: Murder She Wrote, Beverly 90210, and Columbo. The top-rated nonfiction software was Talking About Japan in English (NEC Interchannel and NHK Service Center).