Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 3
2000-03-31 発行


On-line German Grammar Drills for Beginners
This article describes the general idea of on-line German grammar and vocabulary drills for beginners. The drills consist of 520 multiple-choice and 450 fill-in excercises. The excercises are arranged in the traditional learning order for German grammar prevailing in Japanese universities. Students can access the drills via Internet, check their answers by themselves by means of autommatic evaluation devices, and read explanations concerning the answers. In the second part of this paper, the author refers to two potential applications for such on-line drills and on-line drill systems: 1) Diagnostic tests, which could make, for example, placement tests very economical, and 2) Preparation courses for various standardized foreign language tests, like an on-line preparation course for DDJ (Diplom Deutsch in Japan). The on-line German grammar drills reported here should be improved and expanded on continuously so that a comprehensive on-line German learning system can be offered in the near future. This service will be open not only to university students but also to citizens outside the university.