Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 25
2022-03-01 発行

Materials and Activities for an English Language Course Focusing on the Beatles

ビートルズ(the Beatles)を扱った英語語学コースの教材と活動
This article presents a case report of innovative pedagogical practice, outlining the materials and activities used in an English Language Course based on seven songs by history’s top-selling musical artists, the Beatles. The aim is to refresh readers’ knowledge of the Beatles, and to offer an example of practice that might be stimulating and adaptable for other professional English teachers. After a review of theoretical and professional writings on the use of songs in Foreign Language Teaching, a brief outline is given of the history and cultural importance of the Beatles. The core of the article is a simple description of the materials and activities employed in the course. Finally, in accord with the principles of professional practice, subjective reflections of course participants are presented.
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