Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 24
2021-03-01 発行

Japanese University Students’ Attitudes toward and Usage of Facebook in English Classes: The Implications

日本の大学生の英語授業におけるFacebook の利用意識と利用状況 : その意味
BINGË, Gavin
This study examines not only Japanese students’ attitudes toward Facebook, but also the language learning implications and in-class teaching applications of utilizing alternative social network platforms. A total of 163 Japanese university students participated in the study, drawn across two years and from three non-English faculties, namely Education, Law, and Engineering. Attitudinal and usage data were collected via two questionnaires. It was found that many students did find global, authentic SNS classroom work to be valuable, but when mapped against their usage data, it was revealed that Facebook may not always be the best platform of choice. Only 6% of participants claimed to actively use Facebook outside of the current project, while approximately 98% of students stated that they use LINE, 73% use YouTube frequently, and more than 50% use Instagram and Twitter regularly. Drawing on current literature, the paper examines these responses in detail and the reasons behind them.
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