Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 23
2020-03-01 発行

Revolutionising Poster Presentations through Digital Technology

Poster presentations are often relegated to a second-class status both as a presentation tool at academic conferences and as a learning device within a classroom. As the 21st Century enters its third decade and digital technological advances continue to enhance how the world interacts, it seems outdated that poster presentations are still largely confined to a static method of delivery, such as through a paper or cloth medium. To improve their profile at conferences, it is time poster presentations evolved from the constraints of their traditional material format and embraced mobile digital technology. This would allow poster presentations to fully enter the digital mobile age by utilising interactive technology that creates a more immersive presentation style. This paper will explain why the current paper or cloth-only poster delivery method has become outdated and no longer relevant for the modern digital world. Additionally, it will outline key considerations that should be included in any digital poster design to ensure effective presentation results that correspond effectively to the digital medium.
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