Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 22
2019-03-01 発行


A Report on the Initial BYOD Implementation in Hiroshima University
The purpose of this paper is to report on the operation of a BYOD classroom and discuss operational problems and countermeasures. In 2015, Hiroshima University introduced a new system in which students have to bring their own PCs. In Japan, Hiroshima University is a pioneer in this regard. With the introduction of the system, the university’s expenses for equipment installation seem to have been greatly reduced. However, the system has also simultaneously raised various concerns such as a lack of knowledge concerning computer usage, budget, personnel, and motivation. This paper reports on the practical usage of students’ own PCs in the BYOD-type CALL classroom and the issues the teacher and students have faced in this environment. In addition, a questionnaire on BYOD-type PCs was conducted, and the results show that the students had opportunities to handle their own PCs on a daily basis; however, the PCs were not used continuously in classes and the students were not fully accustomed to handling them. As a countermeasure, in addition to making the operational manuals simpler and more accessible, it is necessary to provide preliminary education for improving students’ computer competence and to strengthen the existing support system.
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