Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 21
2018-03-01 発行

An Outline of an English Course Using James Bond

ジェームズ・ボンド(James Bond)映画を使った英語授業の構築と教材開発
This article gives an outline of materials chosen to create an English listening and speaking course from eleven James Bond films and their associated novels and theme songs, making use of the Three Block method developed by the author. Dyadic conversations between the movie character James Bond as played by six different actors and eleven ‘Bond girls’ formed the core of the materials used in each lesson. Corresponding extracts from novels or novelizations were used in combination with each movie scene, and theme songs from eleven films were also included. The third block of each lesson employed a scripted Q&A handout with questions related to the filmic material, to be used in conversations between pairs of students as they rotated around the classroom. Some student reactions are briefly presented, and the article concludes with reflections by the author after he had finished teaching the course, including reflections on some of the drawbacks encountered when using these materials.
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