Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 20
2017-03-01 発行

Efficacy of Theme-based Listening Materials in English Writing : Focusing on Learner Affectivity

英語ライティングにおけるテーマ別リスニング教材の有効性 : 学習者の情意面に焦点を当てて
This research investigates Japanese university students’ feelings about English writing classes and the writing process. The focus is on the positive effects of using listening materials in the writing class and learners’ enjoyment of writing. Driving this practical study, which uses listening as a means toward improvement of writing ability, was the expectation that exploiting useful/interesting listening materials (practical business English) in the writing class would be an effective way of getting learners to produce their feelings and thoughts in English. Swain’s (1985, 1995) Output Hypothesis states that while comprehensible input is a necessary condition for second language acquisition, it is not in itself sufficient, with output also playing a major role. In the process in which input becomes output, appropriate input is required if learners are to be able to produce their feelings and thoughts (output) smoothly. Therefore, in this practical study students first learned necessary vocabulary and English expressions, using topic-related dialogues through listening, and then did the writing activities. The author expected the method to have a positive effect on learners’ affective aspects related to writing.

It was found that, regarding learner perception of the writing class, students judged the class positively, with over 80% approving of the method of writing through listening, believing it to be effective for writing improvement. Also, when examining the relationship between writing by use of listening and perceived English skills, the results showed that the writing method had a strong correlation with elements of perceived English ability (vocabulary, listening, English expressions). Furthermore, the method correlated moderately with enjoyment of the English writing class. It is suggested that the positive introduction of the listening materials increased the learners’ enthusiasm to write English essays as well as enhancing their English writing ability.
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