Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 2
1999-03-31 発行


On-line Automatic Evaluation Drills for Supporting Foreign Language Courses
In order to make up for insufficient learning conditions in non-English foreign language courses at the university level, I have developed an automatic evaluation drill system which functions via WWW. Freshmen are expected to access their assignments from terminals in laboratories on campus. The device for the automatic evaluation is based on a CGI program written with Peri. The purpose of this paper is to describe the general idea of this system. I also refer to related problems which should be solved in the near future. This drill system is designed for foreign language teachers with no special expertise in computers or programming languages. So, teachers can easily input exercise data and make their own on-line drills suitable for their classes. The results are easily recorded and processed with the help of data processing software such as Microsoft Excel. This on-line drill system is teacher-friendly. Instructors can make and manage a large number of grammar drills and word and idiom drills with diverse educational purposes for various levels of students. Additionally, teachers are freed from having to do routine correction work, which normally would require a great deal of energy and time. This system is also learner-friendly. By virtue of automatic evaluation mechanisms, students get immediate feedback on their own learning activities, namely the answers and explanations. They can write and send directly their comments on drills or their questions to their teachers. With the help of such on-line drills, teachers can shift most grammar drills and word and idiom drills from classroom to the homework assignment, so they can concentrate during classes more on communicative activities and authentic tasks which are only possible within the classes.