Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education
Issue 2
Date of Issue:1999-03-31
current number
ISSN : 1347-0892
Publisher : Institute for Foreign Language Research and Education, Hiroshima University
Writing for Communication : E-mail Exchanges with Overseas College Students
Kobayashi, Hiroe;
PP. 13 - 21
On-line Automatic Evaluation Drills for Supporting Foreign Language Courses
Iwasaki, Katsumi;
PP. 23 - 37
A Comparative Study of National Universities' Entrance Examinations in Japan : Regarding a Shift in Test Designs (1996-1997)
Fukazawa, Seiji;
PP. 93 - 100
Questionnaire Results : "World of Non-English Foreign Languages"
「初修外国語の世界」授業の研究プロジェクトチーム; Nishimura, Masaki; Miki, Naotake; Iwasaki, Katsumi; Honda, Kazumi; Tanaka, Satoru; Iguchi, Youko; Aoki, Toshio; Inoue, Kenji; Ogawa, Yasuo; Yun, Guanbon;
PP. 117 - 127
A Comment on "Integrated English" Taught in the Faculty of Medicine
Nakamura, Hirohide;
PP. 129 - 136