Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 18
2015-03-01 発行

Going Paperless in the Classroom with Mobile Devices : Pitfalls and Benefits

携帯端末を用いたペーパーレスな授業実践 : その利点と注意点
Technology continues to influence how English is taught and studied at universities in Japan with smartphones, offering an incredibly convenient way for language instructors to integrate digital technology into the study process. As smartphone technology has developed and ownership has increasingly become more widespread, these developments have altered an instructor’s approach to teaching English. The last few years have seen a dramatic shift away from the traditional approach of excluding mobile-phones from the classrooms as instructors have adapted to incorporate the increasingly high numbers of students who own smartphones.

The aim of this paper is to firstly show the advantages and disadvantages of two smartphone centred one-semester English language courses designed and taught by the author. Secondly, the paper will reflect on the results of students’ surveys conducted at Hiroshima University on how students in those smartphonecentred courses felt about their experiences and whether they benefited from such digitally-centric courses.
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