Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 17
2014-03-01 発行


English Dictation Practice for Improving the Ability to Listen to English
The purpose of this paper is to report on dictation practice in the author's classroom. Dictation practice has been widely recognized as an effective classroom activity for improving the ability of listening.

In the author's classroom, a web application for dictation practice was used for intermediate-level learners. This was in the form of a website which contained sentences with blanks, which learners listened to. Students continued to work on the dictation task in the classroom. As a result of continuous practice, students' average TOEIC score in the listening section improved. However, students made an effort to improve their language skills with various practices; for example, the students memorized new words and phrases, and listened to podcasts provided by Hiroshima University. Therefore, the interaction of these practices seemed to affect TOEIC scores and language performance.
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