Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 17
2014-03-01 発行

English Podcasting : A Study of a University Podcast-Based Course

英語学習用ポッドキャスト : ポッドキャストを活用した大学での英語コースに関する研究
The huge growth in ownership of smartphones amongst university students in Japan means that access to podcast content has become freely available to users who may download them and use them anywhere and anytime. Yet the focus, content and access the majority of university students have with podcasts is usually tightly controlled by the language instructor. This paper will first provide a background to the growing potential of podcasting within the field of mobile language learning, and then present the results of a study of a synchronised learning podcast-based course at Hiroshima University in which the student participants completed a project to create their own English language podcasts. The paper will conclude with the results from a survey of 61 non-English faculty students conducted at Hiroshima University.
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