Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 15
2012-03-01 発行

資格英語対応語彙学習教材の分析 :「広大スタンダード語彙リスト6000」について

An Analysis of the Hiroshima University Standard 6000 Vocabulary List
This paper, an analysis of the Hiroshima University Standard 6000 vocabulary list, focuses on the validity of the Japanese definitions presented in the list. Generally, a vocabulary list for English learners simplifies definitions for each word entry to promote learning efficiency. Hiroshima University Standard 6000, developed by the Institute for Foreign Language Research and Education at Hiroshima University, also presents a limited number of definitions for each entry partly due to the practical features of the list, that it has been designed to collaborate with other available materials, such as online English learning programs and vocabulary quizzes provided in English courses at Hirohisma University.

Based on an analysis of the vocabulary list using an English movie corpus, the paper discusses some aspects to be considered in the future development of the vocabulary list. Such aspects include definitions for various parts of speech, the particular usage and meaning of a word in oral communication, and definitions for advanced learners. Along with the discussion, example sentences from a number of English films are presented, particularly for such words as force, official, absolutely, and lodge, to illustrate the above-mentioned aspects properly.

In its approach, this study overcomes the limitations of previous studies on the development of vocabulary lists, such as the General Service List (West, 1953), the University Word List (Xue and Nation, 1984), and the Academic Word List (Coxhead, 2000), in which the various meanings and usages of each entry word have not been thoroughly enough considered.
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