Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 12
2009-03-31 発行


English Language Teaching Aided by Web-Based Training in a Large Class
This paper reports on the practice of English language teaching for first-year university students, with the intention of coordinating classroom teaching and individualized learning. A Web-Based Training (WBT) system is used to overcome two problems: 1) productive skills classes are so large that language activities are often difficult to conduct: 2) receptive skills classes are still larger, such that it is often difficult to confirm each student's progress. Under the condition that the total number of classes cannot be increased, WBT is applied to organize a large class (139 students) for receptive skills instruction, enhancing students' learning opportunities with immediate feedback and confirming their learning progress by logging their responses. Productive skills classes can be smaller (approximately 23 students in each of six classes) by adding two extra classes in place of receptive skills classes that were obviated as described above. Regarding the students' resultant proficiency, TOEIC Bridge tests revealed their progress under this arrangement as reasonably good. Responses to a questionnaire survey confirmed the students' class-related attitudes and enabled their comparison with those of same-year students of other majors or of the same major in the prior year. Results show that this practice is well regarded.
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