Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education Issue 1
1998-03-31 発行


Report on the Launch of a New Course <Integrated English>
Itoh, Shoko
Inada, Katsuhiko
Imazato, Chiaki
Nakamura, Hirohide
This project aims to establish the environmental goals of a new course called <Integrated English> and to find suitable materials for it. We also investigate similar courses in other major Japanese universities. The aims are: 1. To collect and study reference books concerning innovation in English education in Japan; 2. To establish the concept of <Integrated English> clearly; 3. To work out the content and teaching methods for <Integrated English>; 4. To form some syllabi for several prototype classes; 5. To identify possible problems in practice; 6. To find ways to evaluate the class; The example syllabi in this report are as follows: 1. English in environmental studies; 2. English as a language for global communication; 3. English in movies; 4. Introduction to men's studies; In order to clarify the idea of <Integrated English>, we include as an appendix a brief document on the history of innovation of English language education at Hiroshima University.