Journal of International education, Morito Institute of Global Higher Education, Hiroshima University Issue 17
2013-03-31 発行

留学生と日本人学生の日記交換活動における学び : ボランティア日本語教室での実践を通じて <報告>

Matsumura, Kazunori
Through the Volunteer Japanese Class, "Diary Exchange Project" was carried out between the international students and Japanese students within Hiroshima University. Written notes were exchanged for five rounds based on the students own opinions on the certain social issues. The Japanese students who participated in this project were two first-grade students majoring in Japanese Language Education.

On the Japanese students' side, opinions such as, "it was fun being able to actually exchange opinions on things that are difficult to obtain from the normal Japanese life", "it is really interesting (being able to broaden my own values)", "if there is next time, I would like participate again", were given. However, voices such as "social issues are difficult (to understand)" were also reported.

On the other side, the graduate school student participant from China stated, "it's good to know the "real" Japanese's opinions and the language they use", "I was able to confirm the images I had about Japanese people before coming to Japan".

This project suggests that have had brought positive influences on both the Japanese and international students.