Journal of International education, Morito Institute of Global Higher Education, Hiroshima University Issue 14
2010-03-31 発行

日本留学30年後 : ラテンアメリカ出身者の事例研究 <原著論文>

30 Years After : Case study of Latin American students concerning the effects and influences of their study in Japan
Tanaka, Kyoko
This article examines cases of former students from Latin America who, after studying in Japan approximately 30 years ago, returned to their home country. They were interviewed at their homes and offices in their native country, with enquiries made about their course of career and life, and how their study experience in Japan has influenced their life and been transmitted to society and/or younger generations.

Their later career and life vary according to factors such as their major, their gender, whether they are Japanese descendents or not, their family conditions, their personal environment, etc. There are effects and influences reported as being the consequence of the many years spent, and some of their characteristics are deemed to have originated from the cultural traits of the Latin American region, which are considered to be extremely different from Japanese cultural traits.

After approximately 30 years, all of the former students interviewed seem to have positively assimilated the experience of studying in Japan, and they try as hard as possible to contribute to the education of younger generations, as well as to the improvement of their work environment and society at large.

The effects and influences of studying abroad should be evaluated over a term of at least 30 years, as long-term and comprehensive perspectives are vital when assessing a new study-abroad policy.