Bulletin of the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University. I, Studies in human sciences
Volume 5
Date of Issue:2010-12-31
current number
ISSN: 1881-7688
発行元 : 広島大学大学院総合科学研究科
A study of English synonyms using corpus data : quiet and silent <Articles>
Inoue, Nagayuki;
PP. 1 - 21
Artikellosigkeit und Kontraktion in deutschen und englischen Präpositionalphrasen <Articles>
Yoshida, Mitsunobu;
PP. 25 - 38
Artifi cial rearing and oviposition of Waminoa sp. (Acoela, Acoelomorpha) : Toward the development of a model system to study animal-algal symbiosis. <Articles>
Hikosaka-Katayama, Tomoe; Hikosaka, Akira;
PP. 39 - 46
The comparison between attention training technique and mindfulness for worry <Articles>
Tanaka, Keisuke; Sugiura, Yoshinori; Kamimura, Eiichi;
PP. 47 - 55
A comparison of compound verbs and te-form verbs in Japanese : With special reference to written errors of Chinese learners <Articles>
Yue, Shasha; Yoshida, Mitsunobu;
PP. 57 - 68
Study on cognitive mismatch between action-based expectations and outcomes <Summaries of the Doctoral Theses>
Adachi, Shinobu;
PP. 69 - 73
Effects of self-awakening on nocturnal sleep and on arousal levels after awakening <Summaries of the Doctoral Theses>
Ikeda, Hiroki;
PP. 75 - 77
Determinant factors of event-related potentials in concealed information test. <Summaries of the Doctoral Theses>
Kubo, Kenta;
PP. 79 - 81
The memory structure of social anxiety disorder <Summaries of the Doctoral Theses>
Sasaki, Shoko;
PP. 83 - 85
A study of the effective teaching method of the Japanese accent by the hand gesture <Summaries of the Doctoral Theses>
Cui, Chun Fu;
PP. 87 - 90
内集団アイデンティティの重層的な変動メカニズムについての検討 : 社会的カテゴリーの相対的有意味性モデルの観点から <学位論文要旨>
Nakashima, Ken'ichiro;
PP. 91 - 94
Neural mechanism of P3-like potentials in rats <Summaries of the Doctoral Theses>
Hattori, Minoru;
PP. 95 - 98
個あるいは地域の支援の仕組みづくりにおける専門職支援のあり方に関する研究 : 行政職である保健師の視座から <学位論文要旨>
Harada, Harumi;
PP. 99 - 102
Research on the effects of habitual self-awakening on sleep and daytime wakefulness <Summaries of the Doctoral Theses>
Matsuura, Noriko;
PP. 103 - 107