Bulletin of the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University. I, Studies in human sciences Volume 11
2016-12-31 発行


Preliminary Study of Direction Discrimination Task Using Motion Lines in Rats
Iio, Yuichirou
Motion lines (MLs) are an effective technic for illustrating dynamic events such as fast movement of an object in a still picture. This study explored whether MLs have the same effect for human and animals. First, we had a task to discriminate the motion direction of circles using touchscreen method in rats. After rats showed high performance of direction discrimination, we tested with MLs probe stimulus. Only one rat showed good results in direction discrimination; however, its performance in MLs probe showed chance level. Second, we trained another group of rats to discriminate the direction of MLs stimulus. Two rats achieved learning criterion in MLs direction discrimination. Then we tested the probe of moving directions, the results showed only chance level performance. These results of this study suggest that we should conduct discrimination task with easily stimulus.
motion lines
direction discrimination
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