Bulletin of the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University. II, Studies in environmental sciences
Volume 14
Date of Issue:2019-12-31
current number
ISSN: 1881-7696
発行元 : 広島大学大学院総合科学研究科
The New Status of Service Labor under the Transition to the World Information Economic System
Lee, Dong-Suk;
PP. 7 - 35
Tomas Coram and the London Foundling Hospital in Eighteenth-Century Britain
Sonoi, Yuri;
PP. 37 - 57
General remarks
Tsuchiya, Akio;
PP. 59 - 77
Research Notes
Comparison of the Siku Quanshu Edition of the Shuowen Jiezi Xizhuan —the First (Wenyuange) and last (Wenjinge) Versions
Suzuki, Shunya;
PP. 79 - 99
Abstracts of Recent Doctoral Theses