Bulletin of the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University. II, Studies in environmental sciences Volume 13
2018-12-31 発行


Investigation of the Seal Variants Specific to Siku Quanshu Version of Shuowen Jiezi Xizhuan
Suzuki, Toshiya
“Shuowen Jiezi Xizhuan” (説文解字繫傳, SWJZ-XZ) by Xu Kai ( 徐鍇) is regarded as the most important source material for research on the situation of Shuowen Jiezi before the Sung dynasty. The currently available versions of SWJZ-XZ are based on manual transcriptions produced during the Qing dynasty and their Small Seal (小篆) representative glyphs have recognizable differences. Among them, Wang Qishu’s reprint (汪啓淑本, WQS) and the Siku Quanshu version ( 四庫全書本, 4QKS) are often mentioned as related, but recently Dong Jing Chen (董婧宸) proposed the new hypothesis that 4QKS was not the source of WQS. In this study, the Small Seal representative glyphs of 4QKS are compared with other versions of SWJZXZ and found to be unique. Additionally, side-by-side comparison of the glyphs of SWJZ-XZ with different versions by Xu Xuan (徐鉉) confi rms that the differences in SWJZ-XZ glyphs are not accidental but intentional.
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