Bulletin of the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University. II, Studies in environmental sciences Volume 12
2017-12-31 発行


Relationship between “Songben” in Shuowen Jiaoyi and the Pingjinguan Version of Shuowen Jiezi
The Chen Changzhi version of Shuowen Jiezi (陳昌治本) has been the most widely referred version of Shuowen Jiezi. Its source, the Pingjinguan version (平津館本, PJG) was criticized by some scholars as being heavily modifi ed from the “Songben” (宋本, Song dynasty version) and not reliable. We can fi nd the quotations of “Songben” in the Shuowen scholars works published just before the publication of the PJG. In this paper, the quotations in Shuowen Jiaoyi (説文校議) are comprehensively collected and compared with the Jiguge version (汲古 閣本, the most popular version before the Pingjinguan version) and Wang’s version (王昶本, printed during the Song dynasty), the PJG, and Tonghuaxue (藤花榭本, THX, printed during the Qing dynasty). It is found that the Songben quoted is rather similar, but not identical, to the PJG, rather than Wang’s and the THX versions.
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