Bulletin of the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University. II, Studies in environmental sciences
Volume 12
Date of Issue:2017-12-31
current number
ISSN: 1881-7696
発行元 : 広島大学大学院総合科学研究科
Decrease in Animal Population Sizes in the Bago Mountains, Myanmar
Kobayashi, Mizuki; Yamada, Toshihiro; Miura, Mayuko; Okuda, Toshinori; Hlaing, Ei Ei; Khing, Kyi Kyi;
PP. 1 - 10
Research Note
Relationship between “Songben” in Shuowen Jiaoyi and the Pingjinguan Version of Shuowen Jiezi
Suzuki, Toshiya;
PP. 11 - 35
Abstracts of Recent Doctoral Theses
On the Conservation Activities for Rice Terrace in Hilly and Mountainous Areas: Its Methods and Locational Conditions
Enomoto, Takaaki;
PP. 37 - 39
Takada, Momo;
PP. 41 - 42