Bulletin of the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University. III, Studies in cultural sciences Volume 12
2017-12-31 発行

日本語作品の翻訳をめぐる問題 : 王昶雄「奔流」を例に

Problems with the Translation of Japanese Literature in Taiwan
Lee, Yuhui
Wang Chang-Hsiung’s A Raging Torrent is used as a text to consider the various problems arising from the situation that the Japanese literature from the Japanese colonial period in Taiwan is generally being read through Chinese translations. No notable differences were confirmed between the two Japanese versions. One was published for the first time in July 1943 and the other was rerecorded in the “Taiwanese Novel Collection” published in November 1943. However, seven versions of the Chinese translations published between 1979 and 2002 contained significantly different content after revisions by the author. Previous studies have pointed out that this could be a way for the author to avoid moral/ethical criticism. On the one hand, the possibility that the translation will be changed intentionally is the first problem. On the other hand, even if the translation is not changed intentionally, a seemingly simple proper name such as a historical term or place names may fall out of alignment with the original composition presented by the translation method. Finally, the second problem was clarified by showing concrete examples among the translated Chinese versions.
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