Bulletin of general health research, Hiroshima University Health Service Center Volume 34
2018-03-01 発行


Examination of changes in BMI during university student health checkups
Yashiki, Hisako
Ikeda, Tatsuya
Many consultations with students suffering from aberrant eating behaviors and those worried about their weight are provided at campus mental health clinics. The number of university students who are at high risk for anorexia and are to thought to be potential candidates for an eating disorder is increasing, likely because it is often difficult for university students to adapt to student life. To improve the prevention and early detection of eating disorders, we assessed the change in body mass index (BMI) and prevalence of eating attitudes and depressive symptoms as determined by a questionnaire at health checkups for university students. There were not too many students whose weight had changed greatly at the 4th year health checkup as compared with that at their initial checkup on entering school. It is important to instruct students in whom changes in weight are recognized at periodic health checkups.
eating disorder
university student
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