Daigaku ronshu: Research in higher education Issue 52
2020-03 発行

授業者の認識変容プロセスに着目したキャリア教育科目の授業サイクルに関する質的分析 : M-GTAを用いて

A Qualitative Analysis of the Class Cycle of Careers Education Subjects Focused on the Process of Changing their Teachers’ Recognition: Adapting the M-GTA method
Miyata, Hirokazu
The purpose of this research is to trace the changing recognition process of careers education teachers in the class cycle (design-performance-estimate), and to reveal new qualitative insights into the careers education subjects from a supply (the teacher in charge) side.
The results of the analysis were as follows: The recognition cycle of teachers starts from imparting a growing consciousness of the students. As a starting point, they design the class contents to conform with a frame of reference associated with their careers education theory. This frame of reference also has an influence on their teaching method. Subsequently, they encounter unexpected interactions with the students, but they remain convinced of their own tuition's success.
This feeling of success is a turning point, and the trigger of an understanding that a systematic careers education is necessary for students’ career formation, and the recognition that the relevant content of one class overlaps, or is connected with, the content of other classes. Indeed, careers education is linked to each subjects in an inter-disciplinary manner.
The above description is of the class-time cycle which is focused on the process by which the recognition of careers education teachers changes.
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