Daigaku ronshu: Research in higher education Issue 52
2020-03 発行


Effects of Private University Management Reform
Matsumiya, Shinji
The purpose of this paper is to estimate the causal effect on management improvement in private universities that are selected as the site for government-sponsored support projects. The paper concludes with the following three points. First, private universities are selected for management strengthening support projects if they are struggling to meet their capacity, while controlling for the influence of strong environmental factors such as prestige and scale. This selection process can be positively evaluated in the sense that the distribution of support projects is consistent with their purpose, while removing the influence of factors that are difficult to change through the university's individual efforts. Second, though, by examining the causal effects of these interventions, it is difficult to say that the objectives of the policy have been fully achieved. This is because the universities selected for treatment have not been the site of improved management. Third, if the introduction of financial subsidies is an attempt to improve the management of a private university, the current allocation is insufficient for this purpose. Furthermore, the management of local small and medium-sized universities may have developed a structural dependence on such subsidies, so allocation methods must be considered more carefully. These conclusions may imply that the gap between the original intentions of the management improvement intervention plan and the practical outcomes of its implementation is expanding.
・ JSPS科研費16H02067(基盤研究(A))「大学へのファンディングの変化と大学経営管理改革に関する国際比較研究」(研究代表者:丸山文裕)
・ JSPS科研費16H03780(基盤研究(B))「持続可能な大学組織の探索:組織の規模と範囲・組織間関係の現状・変容・存続の分析」(研究代表者:村澤昌崇)
・ JSPS科研費18K18651(挑戦的研究(萌芽))「多様な使命と目的を同時最適化する卓越した大学モデルの探索」(研究代表者:村澤昌崇)
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