Daigaku ronshu: Research in higher education
Issue 50
Date of Issue:2018-03
current number
Publisher : Research Institute
for Higher Education,
Hiroshima University
ISSN : 0302-0142
Why Has Research Productivity Stalled in Japan?: The State of the Academic Profession
Fujimura, Masashi;
PP. 1 - 16
University Accreditation and the American Council on Education
Sakamoto, Tatsuro;
PP. 17 - 32
A study for the Process of Make a Political and Social Issue of the Japanese Scholarship System: From the Viewpoint of Social Constructionism
Shirakawa, Yuji;
PP. 33 - 48
A Study on the Historical Change and Current Situation of Professor Emeritus System in Japan
Nanbu, Hirotaka;
PP. 49 - 64
Financial Crises and Sustainability of American Liberal Arts Colleges: Case of the Closure Announcement and Recovery of Sweet Briar College
Fukudome, Hideto; Tomura, Osamu;
PP. 65 - 80
Literature Review of Competitive Funds for Japanese National and Private Universities Since the 2000s
Matsumiya, Shinji;
PP. 81 - 96
Benchmarking of Doctoral Courses at the American Research Universities: The Role of the National Research Council 2010 Assessment Data
Aihara, Soichiro;
PP. 97 - 111
Understanding the Effects of Current Students Receiving Support from Graduates and Graduate Associations at their Alma Mater
Ohkawa, Kazuki; Ohno, Ken-ichi; Shimada, Toshiyuki;
PP. 113 - 128
Embedding Learning Assistance into First-Year Seminars to Understand Students’ Needs for a Smooth Transition
Kato, Yoshiko; Li, Min; Furusato, Yukari; Kato, Kozo;
PP. 129 - 143
Analysis and Consideration of the Ig®Nobel Prize
Kitagaki, Ikuo;
PP. 145 - 159
The Relationship Between the Processes of Employing Faculty and Their Subsequent Educational and Research Activities at Low-prestige Universities
Kuzuki, Koichi;
PP. 161 - 176
Cost Sharing of International Student Recruitment and Support at Local Private Universities in Korea and Japan
Sato, Yuriko;
PP. 177 - 192
Development of e-learning in Higher Education: The Aim Beyond Introduction
Matsushita, Takehiko;
PP. 193 - 208
I Institutional Research for Internal Quality Assurance on Educational Program from the Standpoint of Educational Research
Mori, Tomoko; Konda, Hiroaki;
PP. 209 - 221
Relationships Between Universities and the Education Ministry: Neglected Side of Illegal Negotiations for Retiring Senior Officials
Yamamoto, Kiyoshi;
PP. 223 - 237
The Pluralism of Approaches over the Relevance of University Education: Focusing on Inconsistency between Graduate Satisfaction Levels and their Careers in Graduate Surveys
Yoshimoto, Keiichi; Eto, Chisato; Tsubaki, Akemi;
PP. 239 - 254
An Initial Investigation of Higher Education Policies Supporting the Expansion of Joint Degree in Europe
Nomura, Tomoe;
PP. 255 - 269
The Progress of Research on Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes in Japan: Focusing on the Relationship with Input Information at the Time of Admission
Manabe, Ryo;
PP. 271 - 286
Research Related to University Career Education: Retrospection and Challenges
Miyata, Hirokazu;
PP. 287 - 302