Daigaku ronshu: Research in higher education
Issue 49
Date of Issue:2017-03
current number
Publisher : Research Institute
for Higher Education,
Hiroshima University
ISSN : 0302-0142
On the Survival of Higher Education as Organization: Decoupling theory and its application
Fujimura, Masashi;
PP. 37 - 52
Faculty Awareness of Quality Assurance for Undergraduate Program at Low-prestige Universities
Kuzuki, Koichi;
PP. 53 - 68
A Study on the Admission System for Higher Vocational Schools in China
Nanbu, Hirotaka; Zhang, Jieli;
PP. 69 - 84
Empirical Research on the Relationship between Organizational Culture and Presidential Leadership
MAEDA, Kazuyuki;
PP. 85 - 100
An Initial Investigation of Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct of Professional Organizations for Faculty Development: the Case of SEDA and POD Network
Sato, Machi;
PP. 101 - 114
Support for Students with Disabilities in Higher Education: A Summary of Issues as Research in Higher Education
Ogata, Naoyuki; Ogata, Tomoko;
PP. 115 - 130
Visualization of STEM and the Multi-sided Features of Research Worker and the others
Kitagaki, Ikuo;
PP. 131 - 144
Application for Support of University Education Reform and Differentiation of Universities by Mission
Harada, Kentaro;
PP. 145 - 159
A Study of the Argument over Student Participation in the Period of University Reform in Japan after World War II (Part 1) Focusing on the Discussions around 1950
Hirouchi, Daisuke;
PP. 161 - 176
Full Economic Costing in the United Kingdom’s Higher Education: Its Explicit Objectives and Implicit Outcomes
Mizuta, Kensuke; Shirakawa, Nobuyuki;
PP. 177 - 192
The Effects of Class Origin on Dropout from Higher Education in Postwar Japan
Miwa, Satoshi; Shimosegawa, Minami;
PP. 193 - 208
A Review of the Research into Higher Education Evaluation in China
Lin, Shimin;
PP. 209 - 224