Daigaku ronshu: Research in higher education
Issue 45
Date of Issue:2014-03
current number
Publisher : Research Institute
for Higher Education,
Hiroshima University
ISSN : 0302-0142
La réforme de la gouvernance universitaire en France : Loi LRU et ses implications <Article>
Ooba, Jun;
PP. 1 - 16
The American Psychological Association and the Women’s Committee in the 1970’s <Article>
Sakamoto, Tatsuro;
PP. 17 - 32
Measures to Reduce the Gap Between the Metropolitan Area and Other Regions in the Internationalization of Education : From the Comparison of Korea and Japan <Article>
Sato, Yuriko;
PP. 33 - 48
The University Admission System in Bhutan <Article>
Nanbu, Hirotaka;
PP. 49 - 63
Faculty Participation in University Decision Making <Article>
Morozumi, Akiko;
PP. 65 - 79
The Current Situation and System Design of Research Administration in Japan <Article>
Yano, Masaharu; Murakami, Toshie; Hayashi, Teruyuki;
PP. 81 - 96
Possibility of Engineering Design Education in Colleges of Technology, Japan (KOSEN) <Note>
Kato, Takeshi; Sawaura, Fumiaki;
PP. 97 - 109
A Framework of “Internationalization and Globalization in Higher Education” and Its Consideration <Note>
Kitagaki, Ikuo;
PP. 111 - 125
Faculty Affiliated with Low-prestige Universities (4) : Teaching Oriented Faculty <Note>
Kuzuki, Koichi;
PP. 127 - 142
A Case Study of Examinations at the University of Oxford : What types of questions are asked in examinations and how are they marked? <Note>
Tanaka, Masahiro;
PP. 143 - 158
カナダにおける教員団体の現状と課題 <研究ノート>
Yoshinaga, Keiichiro;
PP. 159 - 173