Daigaku ronshu: Research in higher education Issue 43
2012-03 発行

教職協働時代の大学経営人材に関する考察 : 役員・教員・職員へのアンケート調査結果を踏まえつつ <研究ノート>

An Analysis of People who Manage Universities : Based on a questionnaire survey of Executive Directors, Deans, and Faculty and Managerial/Clerical Staff <NOTES>
University management has become much more complicated and sophisticated due to the development of the knowledge-based society and globalization, which has led to the need for universities to facilitate mutual cooperation between academics and society in general. It has been strongly suggested by various kinds of stakeholders that the classical autonomy of the faculty meeting has largely passed away and has been replaced by a corporate-like style of management. Just who should be involved in this new type of management, however, has not been discussed widely, even today. In recent debates on the role of managerial/clerical staff, the managerial role of faculty staff has rarely been mentioned. In addition, there has been little discussion as to what is expected of executive directors, such as presidents, vice-presidents, and deans who may hold critical managerial roles in their institutions.

A newly-designed questionnaire was used to survey university management; focusing on those who should be involved in management: not only the managerial/clerical staff, but also faculty staff. The results were interesting and indicate there are great differences of opinions about university management. It is strongly argued that the roles of executive directors, deans, and faculty staff should be considered, as well as the roles of managerial/clerical staff, when a new system of university management is designed.
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