Daigaku ronshu: Research in higher education Issue 42
2011-03 発行


An Awareness Survey of Junior Researchers in an Academic Society and Analysis of the Results
Kitagaki, Ikuo
Renovation of the graduate school in order to achieve a high international standard is a required objective. This has been discussed from various viewpoints: the relation of education and research, the coursework curriculum, student quality, and so on. Unless the renovation is appropriate to the era of globalization and internationalization, it will fail, producing graduates who do not fit the social needs, decreasing the number of the student from abroad, and other negative results.

In order to generate a vision of university renovation, it is useful to ask students, teachers, junior researchers as stake-holders of their awareness. For instance, this could provide statistical data for considering the curriculum by conducting a survey on what vision or what opinions they have. Actually many studies dealing with such surveys exist.

This paper suggests renovation of the graduate school based upon the results of an awareness survey of junior researchers in an academic society and identifies the overall trends.
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