Daigaku ronshu: Research in higher education Issue 42
2011-03 発行

大学教科書における知識の変化の速度に関する実証研究 : 専門分野の比較を通した分析

An Empirical Study of the Rate of Change in Textbooks used in Universities : a comparison between disciplines
Harada, Kentaro
The purpose of this paper is to clarify the knowledge used in university education. I focus on the relationship between time and knowledge, and attempt to clarify the rate of change about knowledge used in university education.

To provide a basis for empirical analysis, I have evaluated various textbooks used in universities, focusing on the entries in the indexes found at the end of the textbooks. I create two indexes, to estimate the rate of change of the knowledge in a discipline. In order to compare the rate of change among disciplines, I selected two fields- physics and economics; in economics again I selected two areas -micro-economics and macroeconomics; and in macro-economics. I selected two textbooks written by different authors.

The findings of this paper are as follows. 1) The rate of change in physics exceeds that in economics. 2) The rate of change in macro-economics nearly equals that in micro-economics for the same author. 3) In macro-economics, the rate of change in one textbook does not equal that in the other, but this difference is not more than the difference between disciplines.
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