Daigaku ronshu: Research in higher education
Issue 42
Date of Issue:2011-03
current number
Publisher : Research Institute
for Higher Education,
Hiroshima University
ISSN : 0302-0142
An Historical and Comparative Study in Competence-Based Education: focusing on the levels of concept, system and curriculum
Huang, Futao;
PP. 1 - 18
Le passage de l'enseignement supérieur à la logique du marché et le rôle régulateur de l'État : une réfl exion sur la récente réforme universitaire en France
Oba, Jun;
PP. 19 - 35
Some Perspectives toward Reforms of Undergraduate Curriculum : debates after 1980s in the United States
Fukudome, Hideto;
PP. 37 - 53
The Unitary System in the UK Higher Education : its influence on post-92 universities
Hada, Yumiko;
PP. 55 - 70
Change of Educational Foundations Supplying Higher Education : a focus on their affiliated schools
Watanabe, Yoshiei;
PP. 71 - 87
The Expansion of Higher Education and Change in process of Job seeking by the University Graduates in China : a comparison between 1999 and 2004 in Shanghai
Li, Min;
PP. 89 - 105
The Quantitative Imbalance between Supply and Demand in the Academic Teaching Profession : outcomes of forecasting for the next ten years in the areas of the humanities and social sciences
Ushiogi, Morikazu;
PP. 125 - 141
Process of the Shaping the Idea of the German Modern University
Kaneko, Tsutomu;
PP. 143 - 158
Recognition of the Academic Profession by Faculty who belong to Low-prestige Universities : a basic analysis using the "international survey of the Changing Academic Profession"
Kuzuki, Koichi;
PP. 159 - 175
Higher Education in Latin America : its transformation and reform agenda
Saito, Yasuo;
PP. 177 - 193
Empowering the Present and Next Generations of Women Researchers : women's committees of U.S. academic societies in the early 1970s
Sakamoto, Tatsuro;
PP. 195 - 212
Issues and Methodologies concerning Educational Quality Advancements by Faculties in the area of Engineering
Nakayama, Minoru;
PP. 213 - 228
Meritocratic Imaging and Motivation for Study : an augmented model
Matsushige, Hisakazu; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki;
PP. 229 - 244
The Possibility and Challenges of a Large Scale Continuous Student Survey System : through analysis of JCIRP data
Yamada, Reiko;
PP. 245 - 263
On John Henry Newman's Ideas of a University
Yoshinaga, Keiichiro;
PP. 265 - 278
Internal Control in the National Universities in Japan with Pervasion of the Concept of COSO Framework
Kageyama, Aiko;
PP. 279 - 295
An Empirical Study of the Rate of Change in Textbooks used in Universities : a comparison between disciplines
Harada, Kentaro;
PP. 297 - 309
Watanabe, Satoshi P.;
PP. 311 - 324
Morgan, Keith J.;
PP. 325 - 344
An Awareness Survey of Junior Researchers in an Academic Society and Analysis of the Results
Kitagaki, Ikuo;
PP. 345 - 352
The Enhancement of Employability in Postgraduate Education : issues emerging from the case of the United Kingdom
Ohmori, Fujio;
PP. 353 - 369
Shiba, Shoji; Balasubramanian, Venkatesh;
PP. 371 - 386