The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 9
1998-03-31 発行

欧州における輸送・情報通信インフラネットワークの発展と今後の課題 <研究ノート>

Trans-European Networks : The Assessment and Implications
Kagawa, Toshiyuki
Kurogi, Hideaki
Tsukamoto, Izumi
The European Commission revealed "Trans-European Networks (TENs)" programme in White Paper on growth, competitiveness, and employment in 1993. It aims at further development of infrastructure networks in Europe. The European Community has developed infrastructure networks mainly in the field of transport networks since 1980s. Projects of TENs programme extend the fields to energy and telecommunications networks in addition to transport networks. TENs programme is expected to contribute to reducing regional disparity or promoting the welfare of citizens as well as realizing "open and competitive market" in Europe.

However, the implementation of networks as a whole is progressing moderately. Our research points out three problematic aspects of TENs programme at the present stage; financial problems, practical use of private sectors, and administrative aspects. In this research, we introduce TENs programme mainly in the fields of transport and telecommunications networks, and point out its problems to be solved.