The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 28
2017-03 発行


A study on inconsistency and its factors between “economy” studied at the Japanese high school and the actual social-economic systems
Suetani, Shouta
This paper analyzed how “economy” is treated in the authorized “Contemporary Society” textbooks in the Japanese high school.
At first, we extracted key words from these textbooks and compared them with the posted words in a study-aid glossary for high school students and the questions of National Center Test for University Admissions in the last ten years.
Next, we examined inconsistency between “economy” treated in these textbooks and the actual socialeconomic systems using survey findings by the national and local governments and labor union.
At last, we discussed such inconsistency from viewpoints of teacher education programs for “Contemporary Society” in the university, time-lag from the constitution of a government guideline to the authorization of textbooks and their prevalence through all grades, and the problems in the teaching methods.
“Economy” learned at the Japanese high school
“Contemporary Society”