The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 23
2012-03 発行

地域における情報化の経済効果 : 島根県を例とした定量的把握 <論文>

Study on the Economic Effect by Computerization : A Quantitative Analysis in Shimane Prefecture
Tanihana, Keisuke
Noda, Tetsuo
In this paper, we analyzed the economic effect of computerization in Shimane prefecture. In our analysis, we built the statistics about the investment in information equipment and information-and-communication capital stock in Shimane prefecture. As a result, we clarified that in Shimane prefecture as compared with whole country an active investment in information equipment is performed, and information-and-communication capital stock is accumulated. However, we also showed computer unbalance in investment composition.

In the viewpoint of an economic effect, in Shimane prefecture it seems that contribution of computerization to labor productivity is large as compared with whole country. However, when we analyzed from the viewpoint of the marginal productivity of information-and-communication capital and its optimal accumulation level, after the2000s, we showed that in Shimane prefecture accumulation of information-and-communications capital stock has become superfluous, and selection of capital investment is a subject about economic growth in this region.