The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 20
2009-03 発行

Bridging the Gap between the Regional Systems of Innovation Approach and Knowledge Creation Theory : A Survey of Viewpoints and a Framework towards Understanding and Enhancing Regional Knowledge Creation <資料>

Argüero, Luis Ignacio
In the last decades, two issues have gained a lot of attention in papers dealing with the knowledge based economy and society: on the one hand, the studies on how the local environment promotes innovation; on the other hand, the SECI model knowledge creation theory, mostly based in the firm level. Both approaches present interesting and original points but lack a bridge that could unify the concepts towards a better understanding of the knowledge creation process at the regional level. In this paper, notions of the regional innovation systems are re-conceptualized from a knowledge creation perspective and knowledge creation theory concepts are adapted to the regional level. Later, a framework is developed for grasping and enhancing regional knowledge creation. In order to promote innovative industries, regions should have policies to promote knowledge creation and diffusion and should have a good understanding on how the process of knowledge creation occurs. By directing policies towards knowledge creation, regions would be able to create a knowledge base and knowledge creating system particular to that place and achieve self-sustained development based on knowledge creation.
Knowledge creation
Regional innovation
SECI model