The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 20
2009-03 発行

耕畜連携型「エコ農業」の取り組みと課題 : 社会起業家の非営利ビジネスモデルに基づく事例分析 <研究ノート>

The Circumstances and Subjects of "Eco-Farming" through the Collaboration among Cultivation and Livestock Farming : The Analysis of Cases based on "The Nonprofit Making Business Model of Social Entrepreneur"
Honda, Hikaru
This research investigated the cases of "Eco-Farming" through the construction system combination of crop cultivation and livestock farming, for the purpose of preserving the natural ecosystem and responding to the needs of consumers who look for safety and reliability in agricultural products. The research further presented conditions in which to realize such agriculture. The conditions are as follows: (1) A leader exists, in which s/he develops the ideas of sales operation as well as collaborative methods that make use of the regional characteristics, persuades the farmers and residents, and promotes consensus among the community. (2) The leader formulates and carries out a scheme, which organizes the farmers and residents, and which changes their farming method. (3) A scheme to manage their farming method and sales operation is formulated and carried out.

Finally, the research presents the following: a case that satisfies the aforementioned conditions can be formalized as "a private provision model of public goods through by-product schemes of social entrepreneur"; stability in the collaboration formed among the community is required for "Eco-Farming" to come into effect.
the Combination of Crop Cultivation and Livestock Farming
Social Entrepreneur