The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 19
2008-03-31 発行

「業務改善」アプローチによる県庁職員の意識改革の推進 : 税務職場の実態・特質を踏まえた全庁展開フレームワークの構築 <研究ノート>

Promotion of Consciousness Reform of Staff of Local Government from 'Duties Improvement Activities' Approach : Development of Framework for Deploying the Activities Based on Realities and Traits of a Taxation Organization
Kodera, Junichi
With probable introduction of the regional system of division 10 years later, and with the fact that competition with private sector intensifies year by year, the consciousness reform of staff of local governments and the necessity of administrative reform are demanded. But sufficient results seem of have not appeared yet.

In a local administrative organization of taxation business of Hiroshima Prefectural Government, to which the writer belongs, a partial privatization of the report receptionist office work has begun since April, 2007. He has given support to the office with 'duties improvement activities approach based on the Marketing concept.' As a result, the workplace environment has dramatically changed half a year later, the consciousness and manner of workers as well as their service quality for users have largely improved.

He carried out "Duties Improvement Training" for the organization in October, and called the trainees for similar actions. He executed a questionnaire at the training, and encouraged them later to make a start of their own duties improvement activities in their workplaces, which have not been put into practice yet due to their stale consciousness, etc.

However, through his activities to date, it has been proved that this approach would work very well. In addition, he has got a hypothetical framework for deployment of similar activities all over the Prefectural Government.

He will carefully examine the hypotheses from now on, so as to propose the authorities for the execution without further delay.
duties improvement activities
consciousness reform of the staff