The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 18
2007-03-30 発行

地域における産業情報化の現状と課題 : 清酒製造業を事例として <論説>

Informatization in Sake Brewing Manufacturers
Ataka, Yuji
Although it is assumed that informatization in industries works disadvantageously for local industries in many cases, informatization is important for the development of the local industries as well. But it is not clear what types of informatization investment are effective to the development of the local industries. In this study, we investigated the condition of informatization in sake brewing manufacturers as a case study.

The results obtained from the investigation are as follows. At the major sake brewing manufacturers, investment for informatization has come to be done positively in receiving and ordering, production, selling and marketing. So the condition of informatization at the major sake manufacturers has progressed to a certain extent. Though, the effort toward informatization as a region is not active at both of Nada and Fushimi, forming typical and agglomerative sake brewing industries production areas in Japan, while the production volume has been decreasing at each region.

Therefore, it is expected to form such a network as creates new market by manufacturers which are positive to informatization in the region and over the region, utilizing the experience of the industry VAN which was constructed by Nada major manufacturers and the experience of the network system which was constructed by local sake brewing manufacturers.
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