The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 18
2007-03-30 発行

近代中国華北地域の「在来的経済発展」に関する考察 : 在来織物業を中心に <論説>

A Review on "Indigenous Economic Development" in Hua Bei Region : Focusing on the indigenous weaving industry
Tyo, Fu
The researchers in many countries who study Chinese economic history have been arrived at a consensus that modern China has gone through a process of steady industrialization and economic development. Some of them are focusing on the relative importance and major role of indigenous industries in the modern Chinese economy, because the handicraft industries has played a major role in the division of labor and cooperation with other industries. Nevertheless, we can see few studies on Chinese economic history from a view point of indigenous industries. We think it will be important to approch to these problems from such a view point and to investigate into those conditions, factors, and regional characteristics.

In this paper, We examined the traditional weaving industry (tofu) in Hua Bei. The research is mainly based on the theory of indigenous development in the studies of Japanese economic hirstory. We could find out that the developmenting progress of Tofu in Hua Bei is different from one of Manufacture in Hua Zhong. It includes indigenous characteristics in it which are similar to Japanese weaving industry based on primarily by the putting out system functioning.
indigenous industry
indigenous economic development
putting out system functioning