The Bulletin of the Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems, the Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University Issue 17
2006-03-31 発行

備後地域の地場産業と地域経済活性化対策 : 「模索ケース」の紹介を中心に <資料>

Local industry and regional industrial promotion policies in Bingo region, Hiroshima : as a groping case, not a model case
Tyo, Fu
While the influence of globalization upon Japanese economy and impoverishment of public finance are getting severe, it becomes an urgent subject for each region to regenerate and promote their local industries. In this paper, we consider a groping case of revitalization of regional industries in Matsunaga, Bingo, where is known as an agglomeration area of lumber and wood products. It includes 1) the projects to strengthen the local industries by Bingo Region Local Industry Promotion Center, 2) the regional revitalization measures by the Fukuyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 3) a town promotion event named "Geta Olympic Game" by the residents, etc. These measures are the first step to the regeneration and promotion of the local industries. A further analysis on such "Groping cases" and improvement of the regional promotion measures based on it should be requested in the future.
agglomeration area of lumber and wood products
regional revitalization measures
groping case